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The new girl, I dreamt of are all night long. My smith&wesson m&p40


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Since its inception, the M1911 has lent itself to easy customization. Replacement sights, grips, and other after market accessories are the most commonly offered parts. Since the 1950s and the rise of competitive pistol shooting, many companies have been offering the M1911 as a base model for major customization. These modifications can range from changing the external finish, checkering the frame, and hand fitting custom hammers, triggers, and sears. Some modifications include installing compensators and the addition of accessories such as tactical light and even scopes. A common modification of John Browning's design is to use a full-length guide rod that runs the full length of the recoil spring. This adds weight to the front of the pistol, but does not increase accuracy, and does make the pistol slightly more difficult to disassemble. Custom guns can cost over $5000 and are built from the ground up or on existing base models.
Backpack & Bags

Backpack & Bags

Tactical Clothing & Gear

Tactical Clothing & Gear

Knives & multi-Tools

Knives & multi-Tools

Mission Statement:

Our mission at Osig ProShop provides the leading edge in technology to military, law-enforcement, and the sport shooter. It does this using outstanding technical support, high quality firearms built for the individual shooter, equipment tailored to one's needs, and the best shooting supplies on the market. We strive to be the best in the industry. Failure is not an option!




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