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ARES M4 Sniper - Black

ARES M4 Sniper - Black

SKU: AR-0490E

Model: M4 Sniper - NFCS - AR-049E 
Manufacturer: ARES 
Length: 945 mm 
Weight: 4011g 
Material: Metal + ABS 
Magazine: Mid-Cap 
Capacity: 130 rounds 
Motor: High Torque Flat 
Gearbox: V.2 with Non-contact Firing Control System 
HopUp: Yes, adjustable 
Fire selector: safe - semi - auto 
Energy: 1.8 J 
Suitable batteries: for stock tube, LiPo 

Made entirely of metal. The sniper replica AR-049E is equipped with an Electronic Firing Control System integrated with gearbox. 

From high-quality aluminum alloy are made: body, RIS rail, outer barrel, flame suppressor, adjustable and foldable sights, fire selector, magazine, bolt catch, reload lever, trigger, trigger guard, gas block and buttstock. 

Made under license from Magpul company the PRS (Precision Rifle/Sniper) stock and sniper pistol grip are made of durable nylon. 

Model is equipped with a working bolt catch and adjustable HopUp. 

As typical ARES replica, it has the possibility to change the main spring without having to disassemble the entire gearbox. 

Together with a programmable MOSFET chip built into the gearbox, the NFCS offers many desirable features like increased trigger response and smooth action, elimination of incomplete or overextended gear-cycles and lock-ups, and changeable firing modes all paired with reliability. It is said to work with voltages up to 15V, granting LiPo compatibility. EFCS work is not affected by dust or lubricants used in the gearbox. 

EFCS has SAFE / SEMI / BURST 3RDS / AUTO modes selected by the user in four configurations. This is done by a dedicated ARES external Electronic Programmer.

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