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Ares MG-006 Stoner LMG

Ares MG-006 Stoner LMG

Model: MG-006 - Stoner LMG 
Manufacturer: ARES 
Length: 820/890mm 
Weight: 4314g 
Material: Metal + ABS 
Magazine: BOX 
Capacity: 1100 rounds 
Shot mode: Auto 
Bearings: 8mm 
Motor: High Torque Flat Motor 
HopUp: Yes, Adjustable 
Silencer thread: 14mm CW 
Suitable batteries: STICK 

Replica of KAC Stoner LMG (Light Machine Gun) 5.56mm, manufactured by ARES under license from the original manufacturer the Knight's Armament Company. The model has the original markings used in the real version. 

Just like the original replica has most of its elements made of metal, including the body, outer barrel, trigger, fire selector, 6 position collapsible stock, ejection window cover or front and rear sights. Made from durable composite, as in the original are: the magazine (and dummy bullets), pistol grip in 1:1 size, RIS Vertical Fore Grip and RIS covers. 

The replica is equipped with folded, vertically and horizontally adjustable rear sight, mounted on a RIS rail. The set also includes two interchangeable front sights, with a height of 35 and 50mm. On the body and front grip are placed standard RIS rails for mounting sighting devices and other accessories. 

The design uses a new metal gearbox with 8mm bearings and POM piston with steel seven teeth. As with most ARES replicas and here it is possible to change the main spring without having to detach the gearbox. 

With replica comes box magazine for 1100 pellets with spring electric winding. For the magazine is included dummy cartridge belt with bullets. 

ARES LMG has QD outer and inner barrel change system, by releasing the button at the base of the barrel in the upper part of the body. After removing barrels we get access to battery compartment. 

In the box: 
- Replica 
- BOX Magazine 
- The front RIS Vertical Fore Grip 
- Protective RIS panels - 3pcs.

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