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Jagdkommando, Black Handle, Black Plain

Jagdkommando, Black Handle, Black Plain

Jagdkommando is the name of the Austrian Armed Special Forces Operations group, an elite group. The Microtech Jagdkommando is a unique knife that has been milled from a solid piece of stainless steel! The blade's three sharpened edges twist as they come to a point while the grooved faces feature drilled holes that flow seamlessly together. The hollow handle has a waffle texture and threaded end cap. This Jagdkommando is black finished. To house the blade, Microtech developed an aluminum sheath cover that screws over the blade. The cover has a belt loop with model, manufacture date and serial number. This is the limited production version of the popular Marfione custom.

Blade length: 7.42 in.
Overall length: 12.80 in.
Blade material: Bohler ELMAX Titanium*
Handle material: 6061-T6 aluminum
Weight: 24.00 oz.
Features: aluminum sheath
*Blade material subject to change without notice.
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